Frequent asked questions

1.Room description
a. single room 1 bed for 1 person
b. double room 1 big bed for 2 people
c. twin room 2 separate single beds
d. triple room 1 room with 3 single beds
e. studio bedroom and kitchenette in the same space and private bathroom
f. apartment separate bedroom(s), private kitchen and bathroom

2.VAT & tax and cleaning included
Yes, all rates are including cleaning, VAT & tax

3.Do we have to bring our own linen and towels
No always linen and towels provided

4.What time can we check in/out
check-in 12.00 hrs check-out 10.00 hrs

5.Can we arrive whenever we like
Always let us know what time at Mitilini (air) port or Molivos

6.Are there nude beaches
Officially it's not allowed but, nobody will take action against it

7.Is the airport close to our accommodation
The airport is at Mitilini and that’s in the east part of Lesbos, check your accommodation for distance

8.Do we have transfer to our accommodation
No, look at our travel document

9.What currency can we use
Euros only

10.What kind of electricity is available
220/230 watt and you will need adaptor for plugs

11.Do restaurants have vegetarian food
Greek cuisine has a large variety of vegetarian food

12.Are there pharmacies
Yes, there will be in most every (near) village pharmacies

13.Are there doctors available 24 ours
Yes during the season in most touristy villages

14.If I want to rent a car, can I use my drivers licence
Yes all European licences. Non Europeans need to arrange an international drivers licence rental Company

15.If I want to rent a scooter do I need I licence
Yes, drivers- or motorbike licence rental Company

16.Can we rent bikes
Yes, mountain bikes

17.Can I drink the water from the tap
Yes but we recommend to buy it from the mini markets

18.Is it safe to swim in the ocean
Yes, but there are no lifeguards or signs and it will be for your own risk

19.Are there public phones
Yes, several and you buy phone cards at the postoffice

20.Are there a lot of mosquitoes
Only at sea level and close to water areas

21.Is Lesbos suitable for elderly, infirm or wheelchairs
No Lesbos has a lot of hills and narrow allies, but some locations might be optional, just check before you book

22.Can we cook in our accommodation
Most accommodations have a kitchen(nette) or shared kitchen, but not always full equipped, because most people will eat at local tavernas

23.Are there internet cafes
Yes, most touristy place will have them and the guesthouse has WIFI and internet cafe

24.Can we make a trip to Turkey
Yes only from Mitilini port you can leave to Turkey with 1 day visa and you can arrange all this with local travel agency

25.Can I bring pets
Sorry to tell we don't allow any kind of pets

26.Are there local busses
Yes have a look at our time table

27.Are there ATM machines
Yes most touristy places have them

28.Is it safe to walk in your town at night
Yes there is hardly any crime here but of course no guarantee

29.Is there animal wellfare
Have a look at

30.Are there any dolphins
Yes but they show often, mostly during off season


We have tried to give most answers but are there any questions left don’t hesitate to contact us