Beaches Lesbos

Molivos/Mithymna Main Beach
Beautiful organized peble stone beach, 350 meters away from our Guesthouse (EU Blue Flag), no life gard present!! There will be water sports a beach bar and sun beds for your relaxation. At the far end is a more 'private' sandy beach, just walk a long the coast towards Petra village.


Lesbos  Lesvos lesbos  Lesbos  Lesbos beach


Eftalou Beach
Long peble stone beach and 5km from the Guesthouse (EU Blue Flag), no life gard present!!. You can see Turky very close from this beach. At the end is a nudist area (not official...), jut keep walking and you will see where to go.

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Petra Beach
A wide, organized sandy beach 5 Km away from Molivos. This beach can be a bit crowed and will have more younger visitors.


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