Several activities on Lesbos, Aegean Island of Greece

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Nassos Guesthouse is very close to Molivos beach (250 meters) and there will be a swimming pool for you to use (free of charge). If you like, you can have a lunch at the beach bar what is located next to the swimming pool.


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There are some good things that you can buy to take home with you from Lesvos, without having to resort to buying trashy souvenirs.


There are some lovely ceramics made on Lesvos, particularly in Agiassos and Mandemados. My favourite person in Agiassos is Dimitri Hatziyiannis, who has his workshop in an old kathenion at the start of the village. He's a very good friend and I own a lot of his best work.

Stelios Stamatis in Mandemados is worth a visit for more rustic hand made cooking pots and jugs, which are very cheap indeed.


As with many places in Greece, there are a lot of shops selling some really nice gold and silver jewellery. Talk to the shop owners and try and seek out the stuff that is at least hand made in Greece, if not actually on the island.


Lesvos is one of the biggest and best producers of ouzo in Greece. Brands to buy are: Ouzo Plomari, Ouzo Mini and Samara.

Olive Oil

The oil from Lesvos is beautifully light and fruity. That from Stypsi is particularly worthy of note. There is also now an organic olive oil available, produced on the organic farm at Achladeri.


Some of the honey from Lesvos is very good, but beware that it can sometimes be mixed with honey from elsewhere in Greece, or even further afield. If you see someone by the side of the road with a few jars of really dark honey, then buy it and mix it with some Greek yoghurt when you get home.

Other Foods

There are some interesting pastas and preserves being marketed from an old watermill near Agiassos, Ta Mylelia. These can be bought from Hellenic Traditional Tastes in Molyvos, along with some products from the Womens Cooperative in Petra.



Artists I like and would particularly recommend are: George Dalaras, Haris Alexiou, Eleftheria Arvanitaki and Savina Yannatou.

Lesvos Island wishes you a great holiday on Lesbos, Aegean Island of Greece